Nov 29, 2012
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Baking Soda For Heartburn Is It An Effective Acid Reflux Treatment

The uncommon use of baking soda for heartburn is no longer a myth; it has become one of the new ways to help with the painful problem of heartburn.  After many years of suffering and countless hours of trying expensive medication, it would seem that baking soda for heartburn is a sure cure relief for the issue.

Can it be that a simple solution to a problem that has plagued many for years has been right in their very kitchen?  This would seem to be true; baking soda which has been used in cooking some of our favorite treats is in fact the best source for stomach issues such as acid reflux, stomach acid imbalances and the ultimate heartburn.

Heartburn Relief

The use of baking soda for heartburn relief is very easy to administer; you simply take a four ounce glass of water and a teaspoon of baking soda.  You can either add the baking soda to the water or the water to the baking soda; just as long as you add both ingredients together then drink.

A series of burps will follow since the baking soda is counter acting the inflamed stomach acids; which have caused the imbalance and build-up of acids in the chest cavity.  There is no estimated time of relief since it will depend on your situation and how long you may have had the heartburn; but relief is in the making once digested.

Stomach Acid Imbalances

Not only does baking soda work for heartburn relief, it also works for stomach acid imbalances also known as a stomach ache.  A stomach ache is when the acid in the actual stomach are disturbed by any number of reasons; i.e. spicy foods, dairy products, greasy foods and other foods that one may be allergic to.  By ingesting the water and baking soda it will react in the same manner, allowing for the stomach acids to settle; thus taking away the pain and giving some form of relief.

Acid Reflux

Many that suffer from acid reflux will find that using baking soda as a treatment will provide them relief as well.  In a recent study published by the Health Journal on October 15th, 2012; ten individuals where ask to test the theory of baking soda to see if in fact it does relief their acid reflux.

As a result of the study nine of the individuals stated they felt better from the first swallow and that as the weeks went on; following the instructions and procedures of the study by using the baking soda has a prevented method; did in fact help their situation.  Once again baking soda is proven to be useful in the counter attack of heartburn, stomach acid imbalances and now acid reflux.

Heartburn Relief Treatment

In order to perhaps remain heartburn free, it may be a wise decision to use baking soda as one of your daily routines.  It would be like taking one of your expensive prescriptions tablets in the morning; but without the high cost or the side effects that will accompany the prescription.

I may have failed to mention earlier that there are no side effects from the baking soda; with the exception of a few burps and a not so pleasant taste.  This is a true natural treatment without gimmicks and false promises; a good old fashion treatment in your kitchen cabinet.

Getting Rid Of Heartburn

Of course there are still many questions about using baking soda for heartburn and if this is really a way to get rid of heartburn; in some cases a prescription may be need.  Even so the use of baking soda is still a strong candidate for the treatment and relief of heartburn.

It has been proven that baking soda has the potential to relief heartburn faster than some prescription; in many case more individuals where completely relieved of their heartburn for many weeks.

With the economy in the state that it is currently in, why would no one want to try a relief that will cost considerably less than a prescription?  That is only a question that can be answered by a true suffer of heartburn, acid reflux and stomach acid imbalances.  In the wonders of science it is amazing to find a cure for an expensive issue right in your own kitchen.